Are Serviced Apartments Better Value for Money than Hotel Rooms?

Our apartments are significantly more spacious than the normal hotel lodgings, offering separate living and resting rooms along with completely prepared kitchens to permit associating with loved ones or work colleagues. Especially in the case that you’re travelling to a city or remaining for an extended timeframe you will acknowledge increased space to unwind.

Serviced apartments always contain completely prepared kitchens including refrigerator/cooler, stove and hobs, toaster and kettle, pots and pans, microwaves and a scope of cooking utensils. This way you have the opportunity to prepare your own dinners, eat in with companions and save money on expensive café bills.

Whilst most hotels will do your clothing for you, it’s by and large pretty costly. Serviced apartments contain a washer dryer, which allows you to wash your garments at home at no expense. You will generally be furnished with some washing powder when you stay so you won’t need to get some yourself.

How do I gain access to my apartment?

At the time of booking you will be advised by our reservations consultant of the check in procedure. If the property you have booked has a 24 hour reception, you can just turn up with your confirmation and they will give you the keys. In some cases however we will need to arrange for the keys to be sent to an address convenient to you, or operate a key delivery system.

How will I receive my confirmation?

When you make your booking during UK office hours you will normally receive your confirmation via email within 24 hours of confirming the booking. The timing depends on when we receive the confirmation back from the property that your booking has been confirmed. When you make a booking via our online system, you will receive an instant holding confirmation, pending confirmation of the booking by the property.

How easy is it to book a serviced apartment?

Just as easy as booking a hotel! Ping Properties Ltd has a fully dedicated reservations team who are ready to take your bookings via +44-(0) 7411 730504 or alternatively you can always fill in the contact us form on the website.


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